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Bitch'n Bitumen

Looking for the ultimate road riders guide/Australian motorcycle atlas with maps, tips, tricks, GPS support and live video feeds of the best roads Australia has to offer?
BITCH'N BITUMEN is a 224 page book written by Jake Haddad (author & producer of the successful 'Weekend Warriors' off road guide book series) and Colin Thomas. It represents what the average motorcyclist/car enthusiast has been looking for in a 'tarmac road' based Australian road touring book.
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•  34 professionally designed maps of Tasmania , Victoria , ACT, NSW, and Queensland covering suggested day, overnight and multiple day rides with comprehensive reviews, stats and pictures.
•  Extensive video downloads of selected roads via our website.
•  Comprehensive GPS support and downloads via our website.
•  Special Features including a huge 5 Day Tour of Tasmania and 6 day tour of Northern NSW .
•  Information on planning your ride/drive and correct riding apparel.
•  Facts on legal requirements concerning license and registration.
•  Information on setting up your bike with loads of mods and maintenance tips.
•  Information on safety, rider responsibility and etiquette.
•  Information on car touring and organized cruises.

Introduction from Bitch'n Bitumen

It's Saturday evening and I get a call from the boys. The meteorologist has been handing out perfect tens like a priest at a wet t-shirt competition so it's no surprise they're all keen for a squirt on Sunday. I tell them to ring around and see who else is in and to let them know it's the usual story......... My place at 9. Funny thing is, nearly every time we organize a ride the meeting place ends up being my place, but that's just fine with me.

The next morning rolls around and I'm out of the sack and straight to the blinds. The dazzling light and clear blue sky confirms the predictions of the weather man.... Perfect! I gear up, roll the bike out of the garage and give it a quick once over as I wait for the familiar sound of the boys as they gas it through the corner at the top of my street.

It's not long before the numbers begin to build in the driveway, as two wheeled toys of all shapes and sizes crowd the pavement, adding value to my property and annoying the shit out of my neighbours. Everyone is a little blurry-eyed but a few coffees and a quick run down on the day's plan and we're on the road, heading out towards our favorite Bitch'n Bitumen. The ride goes well and at the end of the day we arrive back at my place (yes I have a very understanding wife, probably because she rides as well). We grab a cold beer and sit outside, admiring the array of machinery sitting in the drive and talking about the days events.

I've often wondered how much longer we'll all be doing this but I've come to understand that riding a bike is a timeless passion. Whether you're 18 or 80 it's the kind of devotion that consumes you. I guess it's the feeling of the wind on your face and the open road peeling out towards the horizon before you that makes riding two wheels so much fun. The world just looks like a different place from the seat of a bike. There's nothing quite like it!

Over the years, many of my friends have mentioned to me that although they have been riding for a long time they had never ridden any of the routes I had taken them on and were impressed with the quality and variation of the roads. I must admit, I didn't think much more about it until I caught up with Jake from Weekend Warriors and had a flick through some of his 'Off Road' productions. That got me thinking... "What happened to the book for road riders?" It was sacrilegious! Something had to be done about it, so I sat down with Jake and planned out the book you see before you.

Bitch'n Bitumen is intended for anyone who has ever thrown a leg over a bike and thought "Where do we go today?" From a novice rider who is just starting to experience the total exhilaration and freedom of riding a motorcycle, to an experienced rider who has ridden for many years and has fallen into the trap of traveling the same roads over and over again. Whether you are the type of rider that likes to get out into the hills for a few knee grinds and blackies, or one of the boys cruising to the pub on your Harley on a Sunday afternoon. This book is aimed at every type and skill level of rider and contains a multitude of different routes ranging from local day rides to overnight trips and week long interstate adventures.

Sure to wet the appetite of any two wheeled devotee, Bitch'n Bitumen is guaranteed to keep you and your mates busy for years!